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Hello there :) Last night I recieved my package from Phyllis of MakeupForLife.net. She created her own line of lashes (how awesome!) and had a pre-sale on her blog. Look at all the goodies I got ↓

Me modeling #Diva ↓

They were only $4 each and since I ordered over $15 I was given free shipping. I ordered Au Naturale, Hugs 'n Kisses, Diva & Cutie Pie. Phyllis was even so sweet she threw in the Babydoll pair ♥.

I tried them all out today and took some pics. Sorry these pics are pretty bad... my camera is not the best and tends to get blurry with close ups. How does everyone else take such great eye pics?

#Au Naturale & #Cutie Pie (on bottom lashes)

#Babydoll & #Cutie Pie

#Hugs 'n Kisses

#Diva & #Cutie Pie

I'm so happy with these! My lashes are so short & thin and mascara can only do so much lol. Cutie Pie worked really well for my bottom lashes. They made them look thick and perfect yet still very natural. I also really love the length that Au Naturale & Babydoll gave me. They're perfect for everyday and not over the top. Diva, on the other hand, is outrageously long and thick. I love it! They give me the kind of lashes you can only find on models in mascara ads lol. Whenever I'm going out, I'll be wearing these :) And my favorite pair is Hugs 'n Kisses! Since the hairs criss-cross, they not only give me great length but also make them look nice and full.

Thanks Phyllis! Now I have a great lash collection for a variety of occassions :) If you want to order them, just check out her blog. I put the link at the top.

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