♥ Jill Stuart goodies from BoBoDave~

Hi ladies~ weeeeeee i'm so excited lol because I finally got my hands on some of the Jill Stuart goodies I've wanted for foreverrrr ;p This is what I ordered from BoBoDave.com :

More photos and swatches after the jump^^

Here's one of the first things I really wanted. It's FANCL HTC Collagen tablets.
As you age, your body produces less collagen, which leads to loss of firmness and wrinkles.

This is a 30 days' supply. You're supposed to take 6 tablets everyday after eating. They're very tiny.

And now on to my Jill Stuart items :

Here is jelly eye color N in #10 vintage decor.

I really adore Jill Stuart packaging.

The texture is different from what I'm used to. I've always used pressed eyeshadows. But this is cool, it's like a whip-mousse-jelly lol. I just pat the top lightly with my finger and spread it easily over my lids.

The pigmentation is really good and you can easily layer it for more intensity. It's also filled with lots of shimmer/glitter. It's so pretty, i'm really in love with it lol. I want to buy the other colors too. And most importantly, it lasts all day with no creasing :) The only thing I've noticed is that the glitter likes to transfer after a long time. So it ends up around my eyes or over my eyeliner. But no biggie lol~

And next is, jelly lip gloss in #01 romantic crystal.

More cute packaging lol.

Here's a close up of the applicator.

... and a swatch. This has to be my favorite lip gloss everrr lol. It's not very pigmented but it's nice for everyday or over lipstick. It's super sparkly and just pretty!

And last but not least, mix blush compact in #01 baby blush.

Isn't it just gorgeous?

Here's a close up of the attached brush. The hairs are very soft and it's just the right size for picking up the individual colors or blending them all together.

It's hard to see on my skin, but here are 4 swatches of the individual colors in the same way they are in the compact.

And here they are all mixed together. It doesn't look so bad right now... but on my cheeks I think the color just doesn't suit me. It's too pale. I should've known not to pick baby blush for my skin tone lol. I'll see if I can make it work though... or I'll just have to try another color next time.

I also picked up a couple of samples to try out.

I originally ordered the SK-II cleansing oil sample but it was damaged so they sent me this instead. Unfortunately I don't really like it though. It smells like minty toothpaste and I don't feel like it removes my waterproof eye make up all the way.

I also picked up 3 of these PAUL & JOE Intensive Whitening Masks. It's for the under eye area. I'm really excited to try these tonight. I'll post how it goes~

I also got some samples of COSME DECORTED WHITE-SCIENCE PREMIUM Crystal Tensor & Revolution to try. We'll see how they work :)

They also included a free cosmetics pouch.

They also included this pamphlet for the Spring Jill Stuart collection. I really want the Jewel Crystal Eyes palette in 01 crystal ruby. And the rose fairy mix blush would probly be a better match for me lol.

Well that's all~ Have a great day! :)


  1. Nifty. Just stopping by to check out your site :D

  2. I just adore JS packaging too. I have had a crush on that blush brush ever since I saw it on Amynaree's blog. The jelly e/s looks like chocolate :)

  3. Rose Fairy should suit you to a T!!! ^^

    The items that you picked are gorgeous! And thank you so much for swatching them. I'm so lazy at swatching hehe~

    Please do let us know how the Collagen tablets go after a month :)

  4. I love Jill Stuart packaging! If only the items weren't so expensive... I really want the jelly eye colors but I can never justify the price. Perhaps I might splurge when I see the actual items when I go to Hong Kong. ^_^

    ♥ Milk

  5. ooh lovely haul!!! gosh i have been lemming jill stuart for a long time..but its expensive!!hehe yeah! do let us know about the collagen tablets!

  6. The blush has like every shade I've ever purchased separately all in 1!! DO WANT!! And I'm surprised at the eye mousse pigmentation~ very nice! Usually those gel shadows fall flat. But then again it IS Jill Stuart!

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  8. Hey Kristie! How are you, girlie? *^_^* Omg, I love your JS haul!! I tried collagen powder a while back. Please let us know how you like these tablets. ;)

  9. thanks girls! i know the jill stuart stuff is so expensive... bobodave was the cheapest place for me to buy it. and i'll let everyone know how the collagen pills are working for me :)


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