♥ more DHC love~

Helloooo~ How's everyone doing? I feel like I've been away for too long lol~ ;p I've been busy and not too much time to update -_- but now I'm back ♥

I got my new DHC catalogue in the mail for March along with some goodies I hauled. It was mainly to restock haha.

Here's the sales page for now until the end of march:

 Some of the Q10 line is on sale along with my beloved Deep Cleansing Oil :)

And now for the samples that came along with the catalogue:

Coenzyme Q10 lotion

Coenzyme Q10 Cream

and now for the goodies~

Deep Cleansing Oil
This is the only time of year this goes on sale. So if you're a fan you should pick some up :)

I also repurchased the Acerola Essentials Set. I like this set but I will probably be changing up my skincare routine next time. I want to try something new after~

and my samples with the order (they are mighty generous):

Moisturizing Clear Soap
This is new and the sample came along with the 2nd catalogue in my order.

Water Base Moisture
You know I love this stuff :)

Coenzyme Q10 milk
My bottle of Emollient Balm is running low and I'm thinking of replacing it with this day time moisturizer.

Concentrated Eye Cream
I'm in need of an eye cream... but I don't know what to try. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of purchasing this since I like DHC products. My sample of Genefique has run out and I'm just not sure if I really saw any difference so I don't know lol.

Head Oil
This is similar to Deep Cleansing Oil but it's for your scalp. You use it pre-shampoo to dissolve all the dirt and product in your hair. I want to get this stuff so I picked up a sample.


So anywho~ how was everyone's v-day? I know I'm super late lol. Here's what the bf did for me:

He cooked me dinner of pizza haha! He tried really hard since cooking isn't his specialty... I didn't take a picture but he cut all the pepperonis into little hearts *awww lol.

This is the hugeee card he gave me and mug :) At the bottom of the cup it says "you are loved".

And after we had desert of cookies & ice cream~

allrighty bye bye~ muahzzz


  1. That was so sweet of your boyfriend! That must've been the best pizza you've ever eaten, haha~

    ★ Cookiie

  2. Aw, what a sweet V-Day you had Kristie! =D I loved that he cut the pepperonis into hearts. Cute large card and cup! And that is one big DHC haul you have! Thank you for sharing with us their current sales.

  3. Awww the desert looks yummy!!

  4. Wow your bf is so sweet! My bf has no idea how to cook properly at all!

    I love DHC stuff..I have seen it so much in Japanese's mags but have no idea how to get my hands on it!

  5. nice DHC goodies!! you are really a DHC lover aren't you! :)

    awwww that cup is so cute and glad you had a nice and sweet Valentine's

  6. thanks lovelies! he can be such a sweetheart lol :) and i know i'm slightly dhc obsessed haha~

  7. Aww...that cup is too cute! Thoughtful bf :). U must have had a really great V-Day.
    The DHC stuff look great. I'm thinking about ordering the cleansing oil soon.


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