♥ OPI Hong Kong collection goodies

Hey there ladies~ I stopped by ULTA earlier this week to pick up some new nail polishes. I originally really wanted to get some of the Alice in Wonderland ones but they didn't have the two I wanted... boo T-T. So I saw the pretty OPI Hong Kong collection and decided to grab two of my favorites :)

Swatches after the jump^^

The first one is "Suzi Says Feng Shui" :

Isn't it such a pretty blue? I think I like this one the best of the two.

And the other is "Jade is the New Black" :

It's also pretty :)

I also really wanted "Meet Me on the Star Ferry", so I may go back for it lol~. As a gift with purchase I received a mini spring chic set.

From left to right:
OPI Ink., Rosy Future, and Top Coat.

I didn't swatch these because I will be giving them away as a part of my 50 followers giveaway that I'm currently preparing :) I've got lots of goodies for it~

And I will finallyyyy be posting up a new nail deco soon^^ You have no idea how I've missed doing my nails haha. I decided to give them a break cause some of my nails kept breaking. So I just chopped them all off lol and I've been letting them grow.


And now some kinda random stuffs ;p

My friend from work gave me this cute little gift that I wanted to share with you :

It's a candle! sikeeee! It's lip balm lol~

It's smells like strawberries, but it does not taste like them lol. In fact it has no flavor to me at all. But whatever~ the packaging is super cute right?


So this morning I ran the Gasparilla 5k. They gave everyone these neat finishers medals :) I've run this same race the last two years. And today I was hoping to have a decent time since I haven't really been running as often as I should lol. But somehow~ I was able to beat my fastest time! By 2 seconds haha ;p. And today was really cold by us floridians' standards lol and it was raining lightly. But when I was walking to the car it turned into a monsoon. So anyway I'm pretty excited about getting faster in the months to come~ gotta make my bf proud lol! He's racing tomorrow morning so I hope he does well :)

I got two things from the expo yesterday. They have lots of deals on apparel & shoes so it's pretty cool.

I love this pink singlet from K SWISS. The color drew me to it. It was 20% off.

And I got this Asics half-zip for only $30. I think it was originally about $69. The quality is really good. The inside has a soft lining and it's water resistant. It also has a little zip pocket on the shoulder and holes in the bottom of the sleeves to poke your thumbs out lol. I love it :)

Anywhooo~ Good Night lovelies! I've got to wake up early again tomorrow...


  1. Hi Kristie!

    Aww, mini nail polishes! So cute ^^ I really have to get myself a green nail polish =P

    Congrats for the race! The medal looks great!

    If you've never tried dry shampoo, the one from TRESemmé should be great, as it's so inexpensive so it's not that bad if you don't like it.

  2. Kudos to you Kristie for getting a faster time in the race! What an awesome haul...I heart OPI polishes (don't they have the best names ever? :) and oh my gosh when did Yankee Candle come out with lipbalm? Hee hee...it's so adorable.

  3. The blue one is gorgeous! I might have to find an Ulta around here now.

    Thank you for your comment. : ) I just put up my review for the Missha products.

  4. i wanted jade is the new black but it was all sold out when i went to ulta the other day :( the color is so pretty! i also want to get suzi says feng shui and dim sum plum

  5. aww these are so cute :) looking for some dark grey shades
    love the previous post ,the eye make is something that i am definetly going to try :)

  6. Suzi says Feng Shui is such an amazing color!! I really wanted Dim Sum Plum and Meet Me on the Star Ferry but everything's sold out here boo. Hope you're doing fine hun!

  7. Aww...the lip balm is so cute! I love the first blue one. Congrats on getting the medal...woohoo... :)

  8. ooh i like the jacket!!!
    i got the jade is the new black too!..suzi says feng shui looks good! argh should have bought it tgt tat time too..
    wahh getting a medal is good enough for me! haha..congrats! the lip balm is so cute!..

    ooh i'm doing a little giveaway too! http://asidewalkcafe.blogspot.com/2010/03/product-review-and-little-giveaway.html

  9. thanks girls! i've got another race this weekend so hopefully i'll do ok too ;p

    ^and i'll post ur giveaway in a little bit evie, thanks!


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