♥ webichi hair care haul

Hello there^^ How's everyone's week starting out? I worked all day yesterday & today but tomorrow I'm off *weee~. Oscar and I will be heading over to the new IKEA to purchase some new furniture for our apartment... I'm so excited! I've always wanted to decorate but just never got around to doing it ;p

So anywayssss lol~ I decided to show my hair some much-needed love! I ordered some things from webichi and they came a few days ago :)

First up...

Shiseido TSUBAKI Damage Care Shampoo + Conditioner
I ordered samples of these from sasa earlier and I liked it so much, I went ahead and decided to purchase the big pump ones. I like how from now on I can just buy the refills.

KAO Asience INNER RICH Shampoo + Conditioner mini set
I wanted to try this brand cause I've heard lots of good things. I want to compare it to the TSUBAKI. Has anyone tried it? I know it's specially made for asian hair, so maybe it will make the asian half of my hair really nice haha.

And I also got a few LUCIDO-L styling products~

MANDOM LUCIDO-L Designing aqua Hair Curl Lotion

I bought this for when I curl my hair. I have yet to use it but I'm hoping it gives me pretty curls that last :) Has anyone tried this stuff?

MANDOM LUCIDO-L Designing pot #EX Treatment

This is the only one of the designing pots that I've tried. It's for dry/damaged hair. I've been using it everyday on my ends after flat ironing my hair. The texture is really light and non-greasy. It also spreads easily and leaves my ends very smooth, shiny & healthier looking. I'll have to take a before & after picture to show you later. I love this so far :)

MANDOM LUCIDO-L Designing pot #Nuance More

This one is for soft airy waves/curls. Can't wait to try it out :)

MANDOM LUCIDO-L Designing pot #Round Ridge

And this one is for bouncy curls^^ I need to buy a new curling iron. I want one that is size 1 1/2 inches because I think the one that I have now is too small. Once I get it, I'll try this out~.

The Lucido-L webpage has a cool hair desing library with lots of ideas on hair styles. It tells you which of the products to use and also has a few pictures of how to do it.

And now for the free samples they threw in with my order~

Kracie Wakanka Super Moisturizing Essence & Lotion samples

R2O active skin care moisture series
Samples of balance foam, balance cleansing cream, lotion, milk and cream.

Sweet dreams everyone! :)


  1. Wow, so many hair goodies! =D I've tried the Ascience and liked it a wee bit more than the RED Shiseido Tsubaki line. I haven't tried the white line you just purchased though.

  2. nice hair care haul! :) I have the white tsubaki, although i like the red version better, it manages to keep my hair soft and shiny. The MANDOM LUCIDO-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion *whew* works really well for me, it keeps my hair's curls all day. you'll looove it! :)

  3. Nice haul. I have some Lucidol products but haven't really used them much. I should start using them lol. Happy furniture shopping!

  4. nice haul!! seems like you have stocked up on hair products for awhile :) I love the Shiseido Tsubaki line

  5. I adore the Tsubaki brand! I've used both the white and red ones, though I prefer the red one a tad more because of the scent.

    I'd like to try Asience too~

  6. Hello Kristie!

    I am the marketing manager of Webichi.com and I stumbled upon your blogpost. We are glad that you like the products that we sent you and hope that you will continue to use Webichi.com when purchasing Japanese goods. Just to give you a heads up, we are having a Thanksgiving Sale this weekend 11/24-11/27. We are thankful for all our great customers like you! Therefore, we are offering 15% off Sana Nameraka, Rohto Hadalabo, and My Beauty Diary products to all of our supportive customers. Great blogpost and keep it up! We would love to see more of the products you use and the looks you come up with!


    Marketing Manager


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