♥ Paul & Joe Intensive Whitening Mask Review

Hello guys^^ How are you all doing? I decided to use one of my sample masks tonight and post some before & after pictures. This claims to control melanin production & protect against UV rays.

Here's the ingredients & instructions on the back.

And the plastic tray the pieces are in. It is really soaked in the serum.

I placed them under my eyes like this for a little over10min & then peeled them off once they were pretty much dry.
(My bf says I look like a panda with them on lol ;p)

Here's the before & after for comparison :


So overall~ I think it was pretty nice. It's comfortable, refreshing and very moisturizing. But I didn't really see any immediate whitening effect. Maybe I have to use it regularly in order to see results. Has anyone else tried this mask? What do you think? I've only got one more of these samples left and I'm unsure of whether to repurchase... I bought them individually and on sale for $2.87 each from bobodave.com. But the 10 piece set is about $55 normally. I think that's a little too expensive for not seeing much results.

Well anywho~ sorry if my review wasn't very helpful lol! Have a great night! :)


  1. Haven't tried this mask yet but your eye area does look brighter and smoother to me! :)

  2. I prefer a gradual and lasting improvement than very obvious results the first time you use it cause it makes me think that they bleach your skin rather than improving the luminosity from within. :)

    You have very pretty lashes by the way!

    ♥ Ella

  3. Hey Kristie, I nominated you for two awards: http://gabysbeautyblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/february-favourites-award-giveaways.html


  4. Hmmm... maybe you can give the eye masks from Silk Whitia or My Beauty Diaries a try. They're much cheaper compared to P&J!!


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